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Cones Clinic Dates:
Thursday, January 16
Thursday, March 13

Obstacle Clinic Dates:
Wednesday, January 15
Wednesday, March 12

Schooling HDT and CT:
February 8

Windsor World Cup:
Qualification Competitions
Saturday, January 18
(rain date: January 19)
Saturday, February 22
(rain date: February 23)
Sunday, March 16
Finals: April 6th



Katydid Farm Events 2014

Obstacle and Cones Clinics
Katydid Driving is once again holding a series of clinics focused on driving marathons and cones. These clinics are designed to allow each driver to set their own goals, with experienced drivers to assist them in achieving them.
The Obstacle clinics are driven like a Section E on a measured course with 5 Obstacles. Drivers are encouraged to use the clinic to replicate a competition, working on pace, bending, timing and accuracy. These are excellent opportunities to introduce a new equine and/or driver to a marathon, as well as giving more seasoned driver/equine combinations a chance to “tune-up” for the upcoming Florida shows.
The Cones clinics are timed courses with elements that one would expect to find for their level of experience, with the opportunity to drive the course a second time to correct any errors. Separate courses are offered for Training/Preliminary and Intermediate/Advanced. Once again, the focus is pace, balance and accuracy.

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Katydid Farm Schooling Horse Driving Trial and Combined Test
Come and experience firsthand what it requires to compete and complete a combined driving event without the pressure of placing and awards. This schooling show will allow drivers of all levels to drive a dressage test and get immediate feedback on how to improve your performance. Follow this up by driving an obstacle course built for your level of driving and finally, experience what it takes to drive marathon obstacles under the supervision of experienced drivers.
Judge: Shelly Temple. Entries close February 1.

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NEW! Windsor World Cup!
Come and try your hand at one of the most exciting experiences of driving. This is a timed competition that combines marathon-type obstacles with a cones course. Drive the course twice, and the faster overall time wins. The top 3 drivers in each class will have the opportunity to drive in the finals. Drive times starting at 1 pm.

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